Travel Tip #6: Google Map It!

Getting lost in a new city is a great way to blow through a chunk of your vacation time while traveling. Here’s a great way to avoid that often common mistake: befriend your smartphone.

What do I mean by that? When it comes to navigating the unfamiliar, load up your device’s map application with pinpoints of the places you want to visit. In other words, “Google Map that bitch!” Below is a map I made this evening of places that I want to check out in Downtown Los Angeles this weekend. Each of the stars is a potential destination, and the blue dot is where I’m currently standing. As I move around the city, so will the dot, even with my phone in airplane mode. This means I can whip out my bulky iPhone 6 at anytime and see just how close I am to something I want to check out.

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 9.21.03 PM

Enlisting this little trick will help you make better use of your time because you can always see your proximity to places you want to go. Why wander aimlessly around a city when you don’t have to?

There’s nothing more frustrating than learning that the really good gelateria you heard about was just a stones throw from the Pantheon that you visited earlier in the day. This is another map that I used while in Rome just so you know I’m not blowing smoke up your ass.

Google Maps

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