Soul on Ice, Iceland Is In!

Travel to Iceland is booming and one of the reasons is all the Black and Brown faces that are making their way there. It also doesn’t hurt that Iceland Air allows for liberal layovers so you can explore the local party seen during a quick stop over on the way to Europe. Lots of people have made the trek, from Beyonce and Jay-Z to simple folks like you and me. There are a bunch of social media posts, great blog posts, (we love this one from folks like Nicole is the New Black and this video from Mateo Askaripour, that also hilight why Iceland is so hot right now.

Mateo who is a world traveler spent two weeks making the epic journey around Iceland’s Ring Road. The 800 mile route which circles the country has some of the most spectacular scenery on the planet. It is a bucket list adventure that everyone should experience. Mateo compiled his journey in a video that he posted on YouTube that we wanted to share with you.

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