Seven Countries To Visit If You Still Want To Travel Despite Coronavirus

3. Monaco

This tiny little principality packs more inside its tiny little borders than any other country in Europe. It’s fascinating that government has not put any restrictions in place for travel in and out of the country, even for citizens from Italy, which is on complete lockdown. Nothing has been closed in Monaco yet, most schools and businesses are still open, meaning you can visit all the hotspots and tourist areas without interruption. If you want to sip champagne on a yacht or gamble away the night inside the Grand Casino, this is the place to go if you have cash to burn and a love of the high life.

2. Ivory Coast

Africa for the most part has escaped the Coronavirus pandemic, most countries have kept the number of cases below 20. So there is that, and there is the fact that Ivory Coast has some of the most beautiful beaches on the continent. Abidjan offers urban flavors, the amazing central market and one of the best music scenes in Africa. Grand Bassam is a Unesco World Heritage Site and a popular gathering place for tourist who want to soak up the beach life. A terrorist attack in 2016 left 16 tourist dead, so don’t be surprised when the warnings about safety pop up on the internet. Remember it’s still a lot safer than the United States where shootings were happening at a record rate in 2019.

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