10 Things I Learned Flying During Covid-19

That’s It?

Flight snack

On most domestic flights, Delta (the airline I flew), only served water. First Class or Coach, it did not matter. That’s awful. In the time that it took for the flight attendants to offer me Aquafina seven times, I could have had a soda, maybe an orange juice, or even a glass of wine. Okay, scratch the wine, but sodas come in cans, so why isn’t that an option? Especially in First Class. There was also a snack box that you have the option of taking, I passed. On the way home, I grabbed a chicken sandwich and lemonade; it was heaven.

I Love Social Distancing

On my flight, nobody was allowed to sit next to someone else. So every seat in first class was a row, and all the middle seats in coach were empty. This is one of those unforeseen bonuses of traveling in the age of Corona. I love nothing more than having a place for my backpack so that I can spread all my electronic crap out during the flight. Plus, it would be hella awkward sitting next to someone and trying not to touch or breathe in their air for an entire flight. I am all here for social distancing. Sure it cuts down on the plane’s capacity, but it also is calming knowing that nobody is going to be in your personal space.

Airlines Appreciate You

I can’t tell you how many times employees said, “thank you for your business”. They get it, their industry is in trouble, and they appreciate seeing you, and more importantly, your wallet. They are taking a lot of precautions, so there isn’t a warm and fuzzy element that used to exist. Almost every place you come into contact with somebody at the airline, there is now a plexiglass partition. All good, it’s becoming the norm everyplace. Interactions are quicker, and there is less time wasted, but when you do have to talk, it’s so much more pleasant. It’s almost like they can feel your uneasiness, and they want to help calm your nerves.

Listen, I understand this isn’t forever, and the changes that are made will seem normal one day. But travel has changed forever, so give me a minute to adapt. Once there is a vaccine for this virus, I feel like people (me) will feel better about getting on the road again.


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