A List Of Black-Owned Restaurants In Minneapolis

One way to support African-American communities is by supporting their businesses. Here is a running list of Black-owned restaurants in the Twin Cities. If we are missing locations, please drop a comment or email. We will be updating this list frequently.  1. Trio A 100% plant-based soul food restaurant in Minneapolis. It's also the first Black-owned plant-based restaurant in the city. 610 W Lake Street Minneapolis, MN 55408 (612) 326-1326 2. Pimento "Authentic Jamaican jerk from authentic Jamaican jerks." This is committed to productREAD MORE

This Country’s Move To Bring Back Tourists May Just Work

The European island of Cyprus is welcoming back tourists by promising to cover their COVID-19 medical expenses should they become infected while visiting. The bold policy backs government efforts to save a tourism season destined for decline. The deadly, wide-scale Coronavirus outbreaks in other EU nations such as Italy and Spain have been absent from Cyrpus. There have been less than 1,000 confirmed cases on the island and 17 deaths since the start of the pandemic. Officials are feeling confidentREAD MORE

These Barack Obama Travel Photographs Are Must See

Barack Obama's wanderlust runs deep. At the age of six, he moved from Oahu to Jakarta with his mother after she split from his Kenyan father and remarried an Indonesian Man. In college, he returned to Southeast Asia to visit his mother and journeyed even further to India and Pakistan to visit his classmates from Occidental College back in Los Angeles. In his mid-twenties, Obama visited Kenya and Europe for the first time. "I still remember taking the bus from MadridREAD MORE

Escape COVID-19 In These 7 Socially Distant Destinations

America is reopening, and if Memorial Day Weekend revealed anything about the Americans, it's that everyone is ready to get out of the damn house. The travel industry is showing signs of life. And with Disneyland announcing plans to reopen this summer, the new normal's normalization is happening faster than most could have projected at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Escaping crowds will be on the minds of smart travelers this summer. The major cities will still pull inREAD MORE

These Cruise Ship Performers Fell In Love And Then COVID-19 Happened

Juan Bruno Cruells has been trapped at sea for the entirety of America's quarantine. The Argentine pianist works onboard one of the approximately 100 cruise ships still loaded with employees. Juan's girlfriend Julia Whitcomb was also stuck on the same boat and shared her story with TravelCoterie (watch the video below).   At first, the lovers had each other's company, and then Bruno was moved to another ship. "The day I was transferred was very, very hard. It was oneREAD MORE

10 International Destinations That You Can Visit in June

As we begins to ease our way out of this pandemic, it is obvious that the world is divided into two camps. People who are being very cautious, and have no plans to travel in the near future, and people who can't wait to get away. For the people who are willing to test the waters, and wade into a corona infected world, this article is for you. By the way, even if you feel Covid-19 bullet proof, there isREAD MORE

The Leader In COVID-19 Related Deaths Bans Brazilians From Visiting

The United States is restricting Brazilian nationals from entering the US for the foreseeable future. Roughly 378,000 Brazilians have tested positive for COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic, and 23,000 have died from COVID-19 related complications. In America, those numbers are significantly higher. Over 1.7 million Americans have tested positive for Coronavirus, and nearly 100,000 have died. "The travel restriction does not apply to U.S. citizens, lawful permanent residents (Green Card holders), most immediate family members of U.S. citizens andREAD MORE

Twitter Drags United Over Penis Grabbing Of African-American NFL Player

Two NFL players are suing United Airlines for failing to respond adequately to a sexually aggressive female passenger during a February 10 flight. In a lawsuit filed Wednesday in Los Angeles, the unnamed athletes claim that they shared a row with the accused on a redeye from Los Angeles to Newark. Through various points of the flight, the female passenger allegedly groped one man’s penis and thigh but was only relocated by flight attendants after removing her aisle mate's faceREAD MORE

United Airlines Hires Their First Ever African-American President

United has hired an African-American executive to serve as the company's president, a first for the airline. Brett J. Hart's first challenge will be navigating the struggling airline through a pandemic.   "Brett is a well-established and widely respected leader who has established a strong track record over the last decade, helping United navigate complex challenges across all areas of our business," current CEO Oscar Munoz said in a statement. "He is recognized inside and outside of the airline industry for hisREAD MORE

These Seven Destinations Are Reopening For Summer Travel

Travel industry insiders predict Americans will limit their summer vacations to domestic destinations, but they might not have to. As the start of the travel season nears, several countries are slowly reopening their borders. The return to travel is happening a lot sooner than anyone could have predicted back in March when COVID-19 outbreaks shuttered much of the globe. Tourists will need to be prepared, daring, patient, and in possession of negative COVID-19 test results if they want to tryREAD MORE

Social Media Posts Lead To Arrests Of Multiple Tourists In Hawaii

Travelers escaping COVID-19 quarantine by air are not finding hospitable environments when they land. Several municipalities are making tourists quarantine for 14 days upon arrival, and those bold enough to violate the order in Hawaii are being arrested. At least three tourists have been placed in custody this month for ignoring the self-quarantine policy and foolishly documenting their rebellious escapades on social media. 23-year-old Bronx resident Tarique Peters was arrested last week by special agents for "violation of the mandatoryREAD MORE

Let Us Off This Ship! Cruise Line Employees Are Stuck At Sea

Remember those stories you heard at the beginning of the pandemic about cruise ships filled with people stranded at sea? The passengers may have disembarked, but the employees are still out there. A reported 100,000 crewmembers aboard 100 vessels have been drifting in open waters for over two months despite suicides, deteriorating mental health, and sanitary conditions. Julia Whitcomb is an American singer that worked on one of those ships performing nightly renditions of classic American covers. And then oneREAD MORE

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