Meet The Couple Introducing Tokyo To Southern Cooking

David and LaTonya Whitaker's decision to host an intimate Thanksgiving dinner in Japan had unforseen and life-altering consequences. What started out as an opportunity to cook a nostalgic meal for friends and family evolved after a few years into Soul Food House - a soul food restaurant in the Minato area of Tokyo. The Whitakers’ missionary travels first brought them to Japan over a decade ago. After several exhaustive flights back and forth from Japan to the southern United States,READ MORE

From Alabama To Cape Town: Black Girls Travel Too

This series highlights African-American entrepreneurs impacting the hospitality and travel industries in both minor and significant ways. This week TravelCoterie is highlighting Dianelle Rivers-Mitchell, founder of Black Girls Travel Too, a travel company focused on creating once in a lifetime experiences for African-American female travelers and their allies.  Dianelle Rivers-Mitchell's challenging upbringing in an under-served community of Mobile, Alabama never dampened her wanderlust. After a school trip to Washington, DC Danny knew nothing would deter her from pursuing a lifeREAD MORE

Don’t Sleep On These 8 African-American Music & Food Festivals

Festivals have finally re-emerged from their COVID-induced hiatus! And with Black pride at an all-time high, I think the melanated community is ready to bask in celebratory vibes, star-studded line-ups, diasporic cuisine, and the promotion of social change. With that stated, here are 8 African-American festivals that are sure to ignite Black joy! AFROPUNK Brooklyn l Miami l Atlanta l Minneapolis Let's kick this list off with Afropunk - A multi-city/multi-genre festival famously known for its highly expressive fashion sceneREAD MORE

Best Places In The United States to Go River Tubing

There’s no better way to spend a warm, summer day than floating down a river in good company. Across the United States, there are hundreds of river locations that are home to relaxing tubing excursions, and we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite spots. From the most interesting, to the most beautiful, here’s our list. Ausable Chasm – Adirondacks, New York Possibly one of the coolest spots to tube in the country can be found in upstate New YorkREAD MORE

America’s Most Beautiful Yurt Campgrounds

The pandemic, social media fatigue and just general burnout has many travelers shifting their vacation priorities. More people are seeking experiences in nature to reconnect with themselves, and to rejuvenate in isolation with a peaceful backdrop as company. With this demand for a return to nature, more and more campgrounds have begun popping up throughout the United States - a portion set in some of the country's most picturesque landscapes. Anyone who has passed a moonrise inside of a yurtREAD MORE

A Guide To Black Johannesburg

Johannesburg is more than a gateway into other parts of Africa. Young and resourceful South Africans are transforming a city once labeled the "the most dangerous city on earth" into a bustling travel destination primed with varied tiers of lodging, a dinner club, cocktail lounges, rooftop nightclubs with picturesque city views, luxury shopping, studio visits with local artists and immersive cultural experiences. Travelers visiting the region and contemplating sticking around for a few days, should. JoBurg is certainly still roughREAD MORE

One Thing To Know Before Visiting South Africa

If there's one issue South Africans can find consensus on, it's frustration with the country's failing electrical grid. Electricity is severed as frequently as twice a day in certain regions, hampering productivity and costing businesses revenue. "Load shedding" is the painful phrase making South Africans grimace and shudder. For them, the words mean not having electricity for as long as five hours a day. With the country welcoming tourists again post COVID-19 shutdown - the electrical crisis will likely worsenREAD MORE

How To Book A Safari On A Budget

African safari remains one of the most coveted travel experiences in the world. Families and schoolteachers around the world try to, thoughtfully, replicate the experience by schlepping around zoos -- but there's really no replicating spotting wildlife in its natural habitat. One of the main concerns preventing most from venturing on an African safari is budget: and the other is probably safety. Surprisingly, safaris don’t have to break the bank and you're probably not going to die, but there areREAD MORE

Yeoville Dinner Club: South Africa’s Best Dining Experience

Jovial and nimble, Sanza Sandile navigates the narrow passages in his makeshift kitchen with precise movement. His cooking process is rustic, confident, seemingly effortless and vibrant. He admits that for an African male, he's spent a lot of time laboring in kitchens: first his grandmother's, then his own as a film student, and finally in perhaps the most transformational, the kitchens of Nigerian, Ghanaian, Ethiopian and Zimbabwean food stalls and restaurants in Yeoville. "Just being an African man wanting toREAD MORE

Seven Things To Do In Soweto, South Africa

A day trip to Soweto makes perfect sense for travelers visiting Johannesburg. The Jozi suburb, located twenty-minutes from the Central Business District, is varied enough in enriching experiences to make the trek rewarding. Soweto: A Condensed History Soweto, an abbreviation of South Western townships, was formed during South Africa's apartheid era in response to the Bubonic plague. British colonialists began segregating the country by forcing Blacks from cities into smaller, rural townships like Soweto. Their belief, referred to by academicsREAD MORE

Five Things To Know About Dubai’s “Deepest Pool In The World”

Will Smith's inclusion of travel influencer to his already extensive resume has been as rewarding for viewers as it likely has been for Smith. The actor's content spans searches for spiritual understanding to death-defying adventures, giving fans an intimate look at being Will Smith with each post. In that process, the Hollywood veteran successfully draws attention to whatever experience or endeavor he documents. Escapades as an AirBnB host or Grand Canyon jumper standout, but Smith's more recent dive - weREAD MORE

This New Orleans Voodoo Tour Doesn’t Care About Your Feelings

“Stay out the cemeteries and away from those voodoo priestesses,” my cautious aunt warned over the phone. My white Jetta was pulling onto the 10 freeway as I had so many previous times throughout a life spent in Southern California. On this occasion I wasn’t glaring at bumpers en crawl towards the Pacific, I was cruising over … quite literally … a Southern swamp. I understood my aunt's warning and concerns: I was in her native Louisiana and voodoo wasREAD MORE

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