Twitter Drags United Over Penis Grabbing Of African-American NFL Player

Two NFL players are suing United Airlines for failing to respond adequately to a sexually aggressive female passenger during a February 10 flight.

In a lawsuit filed Wednesday in Los Angeles, the unnamed athletes claim that they shared a row with the accused on a redeye from Los Angeles to Newark. Through various points of the flight, the female passenger allegedly groped one man’s penis and thigh but was only relocated by flight attendants after removing her aisle mate’s face mask and elbowing him. The assaulted man claims the woman told him he looked “frightening” wearing the protective accessory.

Did Race Play A Factor In Response?

The accused is described in court documents as middle-aged and white, as well as “disheveled and unbalanced.” Both football players (John Doe 1 and John Doe 2) are African-American. “Fearful of the perception of being a male victim and the racial stigma of being a young African American male, John Doe 1 patiently pleaded for the assailant to stop and removed her hand,” the suit alleges. The players concede in the document the woman may have also been on drugs. Still, it’s not hard to imagine the reversed response to two Black NFL players groping a white female passenger on a redeye flight.

United Responds With Vouchers

The male passengers were given $150 vouchers for their troubles, but now they’re seeking punitive damages for emotional distress, negligence, sexual battery, sexual assault, and battery.

“We bring this lawsuit with the hope that it will be one of the last of its kind,” the lawyers for the men said in a statement to ABC News. “Our wish would be that in the future no passengers’ multiple warnings and complaints to flight attendants, the onboard authority figures, will go unheeded until it’s too late and the damage has been done.”

Twitter’s Response 

The responses on Twitter are colorful.

United is yet to comment on the lawsuit.

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