How To Hike To The Hollywood Sign

Los Angeles is a city where people can literally do anything they want. Whether it’s shopping on Rodeo Drive, surfing in Malibu or checking out historical architecture, the City of Angels has something for everybody.

One of LA’s cooler offerings is hiking, and no hike is more popular for visitors than the H-O-L-L-Y-W-O-O-D sign. The landmark has undergone several changes since debuting in 1923, but has remained the city’s international calling card for decades.

So how do you get there?! There are three different routes depending on how much effort you want to put forth. I chose the moderate route which was fairly easy to do. Considering it was one of those rare LA days when it rained, getting up to the sign was still easy. Easy … but long. It took about three hours to complete the entire trip, but once I did reach the sign, the view was incredible!

This trail took us up to the back side of the sign providing incredible pictures of the city with the sign in them. Tons of people do the hike, so it’s hard to get lost. People are friendly, so if you have questions make sure you ask! During the hike you will also run into horses that take less physically ambitious folk on the uphill journey.

This experience is totally worth the time and sweat you put into it. One very important tip though is to bring your camera and a selfie stick. This is the spot to take incredible pics. And of course, you’ll want to document your journey there!  For more hike info, click here.

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