How To Find The Best Travel Deals For Life After COVID-19

The travel season’s sprint out of the gate has been hampered this year by COVID-19. But with pressure mounting to “reopen” the United States, travel industry experts TravelCoterie have spoken with believe COVID-19’s omnipresence will fade in the summer months. CBS News journalist Peter Greenberg foresees a domestic travel boom kicking off in June with a continuation into international territories in the fall.

Slight Room For Optimism

If Americans are anything like they were back in 9/11, they’re not going to be taking long trips. We’re going to start with domestic travel, drive-to-destinations. People are going to get in their cars for trips of less than 400-miles,” Greenberg tells our Kevin Frazier. “Maybe by September … we’ll start seeing people flying over large bodies of water to go other places, but this is not gonna turnaround instantaneously.”

The man behind The Points Guy, Brian Kelly, is another believer. In an interview with TravelCoterie, Kelly was optimistic exploration would rebound, and offered some direction on where travelers should be searching to find the best travel deals for a cautiously reopened society. “With the state of the travel industry today, there’s no one booked on flights.  “People will be back in traveling, but now is the time to get the crazy deals. You know, it’s $300 to go from LA to London over Thanksgiving this year.”

Where To Find The Best Deals

Kelly’s team does a great job of scouring the industry for travel deals, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for on his website, he has a strong recommendation: Google Flights. Kelly, who was recently named the number one travel influencer in the world by Forbes, has a hack you need to try out. It does involve some flexible scheduling, but using the calendar view on Google Flights can give travelers a wide idea of when they can find the best deals for destinations this year.

You can hear what else Brian had to say in our interview below.

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