The Lisbon Tour Unapologetically Exploring The City’s African History

Portugal is one of the travel industry’s perennial must visit destinations. But often omitted by copy writers’ descriptive, and remarkably inviting blurbs are references to the country’s strong African roots. That’s mainly because Portugal has a complicated history with its past, one it’s still coming to grips with.

When it comes to the business of kidnapping West Africans, enslaving them and selling them the highest bidders back in Europe, one country was first. Many of those slaves, perhaps even ancestors of mine, first disembarked in the Portuguese cities of Lagos, and later Lisbon. This was back in the 1500s, but even there’s been a concentrated African presence in the country’s cultural fabric since.

Still, some visit Portugal ignorant of the dark history that took place throughout its cities. The African Lisbon Tour run by Naky Gaglo aims to change that. His in-depth walking tour explores the historical landmarks of the slave era while celebrating the present African community.

TravelCoterie recently took the African Lisbon Tour and captured portions of the experience in the video below.

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