The Best Islands To Visit In 2016

TripAdvisor just released their Travelers’ Choice list of the world’s best islands. Taking the number one spot is Providenciales, one of the islands making up Turks and Caicos.

“The diving and snorkeling in Providenciales is as convenient as it is stunning, thanks to miles of coral reef that’s easily accessible from the shore,” the website states in their description of the wonder. “The upscale resorts and captivating beachscapes of Grace Bay make it a popular choice for waterfront escapes. The cliffs and crags of Chalk Sound make a lovely backdrop for kayaking the bright turquoise waters.”

Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? Rounding out the top five are Maui, Roatan, Santorini and Ko Tao. To see what other islands made the list, click here.

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