Travel Tip #3: Finding The Best Deal On Flights

Be flexible when purchasing plane tickets. This isn’t limited to departure and arrival dates, but with your route. A lot of folks make the rookie mistake of pricing a direct flight from Los Angeles to Paris and then giving up on their dream vacation when they see the astronomical airfares. This doesn’t have to be you.

Here’s a great trick to make that trip to Paris or wherever happen without breaking the bank on a plane ticket: look for airports in surrounding countries/cities that have cheaper incoming flights from your departure destination. Consider if you will, flying from Los Angeles to Copenhagen first, and then buying a RyanAir or EasyJet flight from CPH to CDG. That slight adjustment could easily save you $400 or $500. I’m not joking.

Here’s a quick breakdown for someone in Los Angeles that wants to get to Berlin on the cheap this upcoming weekend with a return in approximately one week.

FlightCheat copy

If you don’t mind flying through Stockholm on your way to Berlin, you’re saving $463 using my flight plan. Now, this is something I recommend for those with flexible travel schedules and time to really research which route is going to save them money. But if you’re traveling on a dime, this is an easy method to pad your pockets before reaching Europe.

I traveled from Los Angeles to Europe three times in 2015 visiting Hungary, Poland, Italy, Sweden, Norway, the United Kingdom and Denmark for less than $2000 in total airfare costs doing exactly this. I relied heavily on Norwegian Air to move from continent to continent, and then hopped around using the budget similar budget airlines. AND NOW YOU KNOW.

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