Waffle On

The South… I love the south. Heat and humidity, not a fan, but the food is amazing. Unhealthy in most cases, but amazing. Like many of you, food is one of my guilty pleasures. Plain and simple, I love to eat, and I refuse to feel guilty about it. Sweets are my weakness and breakfast, well that’s my favorite meal of the day. And down here, they know how to satisfy both of those vices.
Recently, I was in Atlanta, and despite a sub par location and a horrible hotel, there was one saving grace. Across the street from the hell hole I called home for 4 days was a Southern staple… the
Waffle House.
My brother is in the military. He’s stationed in North Carolina, and raves about the food at the Waffle House. Of course food always tastes better when you are coming out of the club at 2am a little over-served, so I wouldn’t necessarily consider him a culinary expert. But he told me that I couldn’t leave the South without at least popping by for a waffle.

Now, what really assured that I was headed to the Waffle House, was reassurance from none other tan Kimmy K.


If it’s good enough for that crew, then it’s good enough for me.

It helped that I was hungry when I went in, real hungry (Remember everything tastes better when you are hungry). So in I went, and we were greeted by the nicest staff ever!  I’ve always heard people in the South are very welcoming, but this was 5 star service. In case you are unfamiliar with the Waffle House, its far from fancy. So when you hit the door, you need got get over the out-dated decor and the fact that your server will most likely be a few teeth short of a full smile. Its all part of the Waffle House charm, and they have had a lot of time to perfect their style. These culinary classics have been around for over 60 years. And the best part is that they know who they are. If you go to a Waffle House in Arizona or in North Carolina, they look exactly the same.


Okay lets get down to the important stuff… My meal. I went with a waffle, biscuits, sausage and egg whites (because I needed one healthy thing).  And I devoured everything.  The waffle was bomb and the biscuits were probably my favorite part.  Buttered up and toasty, yum.  The coffee was good and I loved how you can sit right up at the counter and watch them make your breakfast.

What I’m trying to say is, TRY IT!   They are everywhere in the United States.  The service is great and the food hits the spot.  Only question, when can I expect to see one in LA?


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