Why Americans Are Not Welcome In Europe This Summer

Lil Donnie Darko’s historical incompetence has netted yet another blemish on an already putrid presidential resume: our banishment from the EU this summer. On Tuesday, the European Union announced it would not welcome American visitors this upcoming travel season because of our national spike in documented COVID-19 infections.

130,000 Americans have died from coronavirus this year, and with an indifferent, and dare we say, disinterested president, death may become the new Black. Trump’s politicizing of a lethal pandemic has only exacerbated the crisis and forced the hand of the EU. Blame the startling rise of cases on premature reopenings coupled with a glaring lack of federally mandated safety guidelines.

There were 36,000 newly documented COVID cases in the United States on Tuesday. That dwarfs Spain’s 301, Italy’s 142, Germany’s 498, France 541, and Poland’s 239.

Europe is slowly reopening for summer travel after temporarily locking down cities at the start of the pandemic. While countries like Italy and Spain were hit particularly hard, the countries cautiously navigated their citizens through the outbreak by shuttering people inside while developing and implementing clear health and safety protocols.

The EU was not impressed with Donald Trump’s laissez-faire response to the same global pandemic and good for them. Americans will have to pay the price, but hopefully for only a few more months.

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