5 Things To Know: The Ultra Luxurious Morpheus Hotel in Macau

If casinos’s were a fast-food menu item, then all the properties in Macau would be the supersized version of their American cousins. The Chinese gaming capital is already making more than double the money Vegas earns each year with half as many casinos. Now, in 2018, Macau has gone all in, with the opening of Morpheus. The biggest, baddest, most luxurious property in a town that is obsessed with luxury and service.

More than a billion dollars was dropped into this hotel and from the moment you walk in the door you realize that no expense was spared. But what separates the Morpheus from the other casinos, in both Macau and Vegas, is the attention to detail by the staff. They constructed a building with every conceivable bell and whistle and then upped the ante, by including a level of service that is so ridiculous, that you feel like you have died, gone to heaven and come back as Beyonce.

Getting There is Half the Fun

If you’re coming from the U.S., it’s a haul to Macau. There are no direct flights from the states, the closest and best option is to fly into Hong Kong. Which is OK, because you have a few choices once you touch down in HK. Let’s start with the most popular choice: the ferry.

You can grab the high speed boats right at the airport and one hour later you will pull up to the dock in Macau. The ferry will only run you $33 dollars and there’s the option of upgrading to first class.

The second option, isn’t really an option at all, and makes zero sense to me. The bus, costs next to nothing but it’s a close to four hour journey around the peninsula. There’s a bridge in the works right now, that will cut the drive down to two hours, but thats still some time away. Which brings us to the last option which is my favorite … The helicopter.

The cost is about $600 per person, and you have to make your way into Hong Kong to get to the terminal, so tack on another $50 bucks for your car. You can also take the train, but there is no joy in dragging your bags through the crowded streets of Hong Kong to get to the helicopter terminal. Here’s the great thing, it only takes 15 minutes to get to Macau once you lift off, and its a beautiful and scenic trip. Plus you feel like a rock star from the moment you reach the terminal and they grab your luggage. It’s a costly way to get to Macau, but its damn cool.

This is an Architectural Masterpiece

Simply put the Morpheus is a one of a kind original. The sculptural design of the hotel was inspired by China’s centuries-old tradition of jade carving, and because of that, the hotel resembles nothing else on the planet.

Zaha Hadid Architects, who designed the building, describe it as the “world’s first free-form high-rise exoskeleton.” What that means is you will not see any beams, the building literally just flows and unravels in front of you.

Lawrence Ho, the man who owns the building and is the Chairman of Melco Resorts, the parent company, may have said it best, “Morpheus offers a journey of the imagination. From the curved exterior to the dramatic interior spaces, it pleases the eye and excites the senses: a contemporary masterpiece to be enjoyed by many generations to come.” AMEN!

The Spa is BANANAS

The spa at the Morpheus has been dubbed the “most luxurious spa experience in the region”. What does that mean? How about a spa butler who escorts VIP guests from their room to the facility where they assess the optimal treatment program to address your personal needs.

Like the platinum mask treatment, which is a global exclusive from the acclaimed and international-award-winning Margy’s Monte Carlo brand. Offered as a 20-minute add-on to other treatments, this mask, says Morpheus, “slows down collagen depletion and detoxifies, helping to regenerate skin cells and restore elastin.” Basically, they are claiming that this mask treatment will make you younger.

There’s also the Gharieni PediSpa de Luxe treatment beds, which allow guests to undergo a four-in-one pedicure, manicure, hair treatment, and facial, all at the same time.

They have not missed a single beat in this spa, but my favorite thing? The serene snow garden.

What is it? The Snow Garden, is the first spa setting in the world to feature real snow. Designed by globally renowned interior designer Peter Remedios, the Scandinavian-inspired snow garden maintains a temperature of five degrees Celsius, “transporting guests to another world as part of their Morpheus Spa journey.” Its just another one of the innovative and magical things that happen inside the doors of this facility.

On their literature, the spa claims that they will deliver, “the ultimate indulgence for discerning guests looking to rejuvenate mind, body, and soul.”  Trust me when I tell you, they deliver.

The Food, Damn its special!

The Morpheus didn’t skimp on anything and the food is no exception. An entire floor is dedicated to World-acclaimed chef Alain Ducasse, who has two restaurants and a bar on the property. If you need a refresher, Ducasse has more than 20 restaurants in seven countries that carry his brand, including his signature three restaurants in Monaco, Paris and London, all three of which hold a three-Michelin- starred rating. At Morpheus, there’s “Alain Ducasse at Morpheus”, a fine dining experience that serves French contemporary cuisine. The other is “Voyages by Alain Ducasse” a new concept, that will offer a unique take on Asian cuisines inspired by the chef’s travels over the past 30 years.

And those are just two of the dining experiences. Even our breakfast, in the VIP Lounge buffet, was exceptional. The food is nothing short of sensational and every meal is more than consumption, it is a dining experience.

No Tax, So please, get your shop on!

When I first got to the Morpheus, I was confused by all the high end designer shops that populated the grounds. Why all the ridiculously expensive stores? Well here’s the reason, there are no taxes in Macau, so the Chinese flock to the city to buy high end goods. That Chanel purse, those Manolo Blahnik shoes, that Gucci outfit, its all a bargain in Macau. It’s like outlet shopping

As a bonus can I mention my room. The Morpheus has nine, two story villas that are simply mind blowing.

The living room is big enough to house a convention, there’s a kitchen, a work out room, a spa area, if you want in room treatments. If you can’t take the illuminated staircase then try the elevator. There’s also a karaoke room, a door to your own secret gambling parlor and a butler who is on call 24 hours a day.

Some of the Villas even come with a personal swimming pool. Oh, and let’s not forget a view that is straight out of fantasy novel. The Villas are made available to the Morpheus’ most treasured guest or anybody willing to drop close to twelve grand a night.

In conclusion here’s what I will tell you, vacations are an escape, a chance to live out your wildest dreams. This is a hotel that is full of those dreams, and moments that will exceed all your expectations.

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