JetBlue Passenger Goes On N-Word Tirade On Flight To Jamaica

Disturbing video circulating social media shows an angry middle-aged white man, dawned in a Burger King crown, hurling racial epithets on a JetBlue flight. In footage shot inside a commercial airline cabin, the man can be heard screaming, “Excuse me! I’m part West African! I can n*gger anytime I want.” Audible gasps are heard in the background throughout his tirade.

In a different clip, the irate man is briefly shown in a skirmish with another passenger. That’s followed up by him making accusations that someone had kneed him in the stomach. “Get that f*cking b*tch off the plane!” he screams at cabin crew struggling to maintain the situation. The n-word hurling passenger was en route to Jamaica.

You can view his racist tirade in the video below.


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He was later filmed being taken into custody once the flight landed

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The man was eventually arrested … by two Black police officers.

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