Yes, African Sex Tourism Is A Thing

African sex tourism is an actual “thing” involving predatory, usually affluent, white women traveling abroad for the sole purpose of having sex with Black men. The topic has been covered in several documentaries and news articles but Google searches really jumped in 2020 thanks to Adele.

The singer’s SNL skit made light of white women sexually exploiting African men that come from more often than not, much meager financial circumstances. Adele appears alongside Kate McKinnon in a mock “Tourism Board of Africa” commercial. As Adele talks about “massive bamboo”, shirtless Black men escort Caucasian women across a green screen beach.

The skit did not sit well with some Black viewers who took to Twitter to voice their displeasure with the fetishizing.

Wealthy, mostly Caucasian women, do travel to countries with predominantly Black populations to have sex with men. The men, referred to as “bulls”, are often lavished with gifts and money from the women. Some of the women establish relationships with the men, while others have their fun before returning home to their husbands, boyfriends and/or single lives.

Tourism Review covered the topic in 2017, detailing sex tourism in one Senegalese town.

“In Africa, several countries have become key sex tourism destinations. In Senegal, Saly is a place of clandestine prostitution. This seaside resort welcomes a very large number of sex tourists and it is not uncommon to see young local men accompanied by mature Western women. ‘Saly is the rallying point for aging Westerners interested in partaking of the pleasures offered by young Senegalese – who are not always of legal age,’ a French tourist on vacation explained.”

It’s also happening in South Africa, Gambia, Cameroon, Uganda, throughout the Caribbean and in popular tourists destinations like Zanzibar, Tanzania and Mombasa, Kenya. In these beach town destinations, “beach boys” are hired under the guise of being local “guides.” The men learn German, Italian and English to communicate with the female companions they spend days, or even weeks entertaining.

“The white ladies are very attracted to the warriors. Our culture is world famous and we are like tourists attractions to them. It’s easy for a warrior to get a white woman. It’s easy,” one local Kenyan man explains in the YouTube documentary below. In his town, Maasai and Wuru warriors are sought out by White women interested in the beach boys’ “sexual prowess.”

For British White Women. especially those over 60, Gambia has become the top destination for sexual endeavors. Don’t believe us, then watch this cringe worthy interview from “This Morning” a UK talk show.

The women really are proud of their trips and conquests in Africa, but keep this in mind, over a third of the citizens in Gambia survive on less than $1.25 cents a day. Plus let’s peel back another layer of this story. Gambia was once a major slave trading stop for the British and even after the practice was outlawed in the UK, it continued in the African nation. Now, once again, the British have returned to Gambia to use their power and wealth to attain a life and pleasures they could not get at home. These women could go anywhere, they choose to go to the Gambia where they know they can exploit young men desperate for a chance at a better way of life (or just a dinner).

Here is a great article about what going on from British Journalist Seyi Rhodes. He is young, he is Black and his experience is a sobering barometer of the effects of sex tourism. So what will change, NOTHING, and that’s because money always wins over morality. Tourism now accounts for 20 percent of the countries GDP and in 2022 Gambia’s tourism officials went to London to meet with British Airways about increasing the number of flights between the nations.

Oh and back to Adele, she got her Black Man, and she didn’t have to go all the way to the Gambia to lock it down.

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