Breonna Taylor Honored In Maryland With Massive Ground Mural

Nearly 100 Maryland residents used their 4th of July weekend to honor murdered Kentucky EMT, Breonna Taylor. Dozens of artists and volunteers painted a remarkable 7,000-square-foot portrait of Taylor on a basketball court in the town of Annapolis.

Taylor was murdered in March by three Louisville Metropolitan Police Department officers during the execution of a no-knock warrant. None of the officers have been charged with a crime.

Visible from satellite imagery, the large-scale ground mural of Taylor is accompanied by the words Black Lives Matter. Artists collective Future History Now put the wheels in motion to honor the African-American woman killed by Louisville police. The group partnered with the Banneker-Douglass Museum and The Maryland Commission on African American History and Culture to bring their vision to life.

“This effort is not intended to be a performative distraction from real policy changes, but rather a form of using peaceful and artistic means to express distress, giving a voice to those who need to be heard and to have their humanity recognized,” Future History Now states on their website.

Over the weekend, another mural honoring Taylor, Sandra Bland and George Floyd was unveiled in Portland.

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