The Inside Of This Baller A** Jet Looks Like Old Manhattan

Do you have $80 million for a luxurious 1920s Art Deco inspired private jet? If the answer is no, keep scrolling anyway because it doesn’t hurt to window shop. This opulent aircraft manufactured by Embraer Executive Jets looks like something straight out of the pages of The Great Gatsby. Named after NYC’s sophisticated city, The Manhattan draws inspiration from two Big Apple’s iconic skyscrapers: The Empire State Building and Chrysler Building.

As you make your way through the planes five luxurious cabins, you’ll notice mahogany wood panels, brass and gold trim, rich jewel hues and beautiful artwork reminiscent of iconic art deco murals.

The one feature you can’t overlook? The panoramic city loft window inspired by Jean-Michel Frank designs. Whether you’re flying high above Manhattan or gliding through the Caribbean, this plane offers you the richest views.

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