How To Make Instagram Your Travel Vision Board

Before social media, I used to have to cut out pictures from magazines and pin them to my vision board.  Fast forward to a world where there is pretty much an app for everything you can think of and I no longer needed to spend my evenings with a stack of magazines to gather my clippings.

For many years I’ve used Pinterest as my go-to digital vision board where I can collect images and organize them in categories ranging from travel to hair care to those very deep life quotes.  It’s been pretty good to me, but when I found out that Instagram was releasing their version of Pinterest, I was ecstatic.

There isn’t a day that I don’t open up my Instagram app, so to be able to have this function available on an app that I always use, is very helpful.  So how will this help with all your vacation planning?  Well, if you updated the app in December, you noticed you had the functionality of bookmarking posts.  These posts are all saved privately under your user profile.  So instead of having random screen shots in your photo library taking up valuable memory, you can save them on the app itself.  More info here

The new added function, lets you organize these posts so they’re not just floating around without any direction.  This means you can create “collections” so you know exactly where to go to find that picture you saved from that one blogger who was eating the caramel churro in Tulum or the trip to Rome your cousin took in September where she ate that amazing Margherita pizza or that hot pink fire hydrant in NYC that you just have to take a snap with.  It’s completely up to you how you organize it!  It’s like you’re scrolling with a purpose.

The added feature will look like this and you can read more about it and learn how to use it here

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