How To Never Check A Bag Ever Again

If you’re still checking bags when you travel, it’s time to reassess your routine!  Getting into the groove of traveling with a carry-on wasn’t easy, but once I saw the benefits, I was hooked.  For me, the biggest thing was not having to arrive 45 minutes prior to my flight in order to check a bag.  I’m always running around LA, so time is valuable and the last place I want to be is sitting in a terminal.  Speaking of time, last time I checked a bag on my trip back from Peru, I spent 45 minutes waiting for my luggage to tumble down the baggage carousel.  45 MINUTES! That’s insane…. And not to mention, one of my bags didn’t even make it on the flight. Total disaster. Lastly, I would much rather spend $25 bucks on a manicure, rather than paying for a checked bag.

So for those of you who think you could never fit all your carefully coordinated outfits into a carry-on, WATCH THIS!  Adventurer Rachel Grant shows you how to get 100 items into a carry-on.  And all you need is some rubber bands, ziplock bags, packing cubes and of course, a carry-on. This video will change your life…


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