Stand Out From The Crowd

Packing is top 5 on my list of least favorite things to do.  Not only do I tend to overpack, but getting everything packed neatly in my bag can be a nightmare.  So if there was anything out there that could give me a little motivation to get my packing life in order, it’s the Vis-A-Vis transparent suitcase by Crumpler.  Transparent, as in I can see absolutely everything that is in that bag.  Sounds a little strange, but this is that extra dose of tough love you needed to get you disciplined in packing for your next trip.

Now, usually I’m all about never ever EVER checking a bag, but in the one-off situation that you do need to, then this is the way to go.  You don’t want to look like a hot-mess when you arrive to the airport, so you’re going to make sure that you’ve watched all those amazing You-Tube tutorials on how to pack the perfect suitcase.  It’s like self-help 101.  The biggest plus is that this bag will be the one to stand out when you get to baggage claim.  I haven’t seen many people walking around with a bag like this so you won’t waste your time going through the 50 other black bags that look exactly like yours.

The suitcase also comes with packing cubes, so don’t worry, you can bring those risqué items along for the ride.  Luggage doesn’t have to be mundane and for $400 dollars, this bag will have you standing out.

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