Jwan Curry: Watch Man Erupt Over Line For Airplane Bathroom

An apparent New York Jets fan was detained this week after a violent public outburst over the queue for an airplane’s bathroom. “We tryin’ use the bathroom” an animated Jwan Curry is filmed protesting to a crew member. Curry was onboard Alaska Airlines flight 411 from New York to Los Angeles when he erupted over being denied access to the aircraft’s first class bathroom.

The passenger threatened to “do harm to the plane” after being told by a flight attendant that he would have to wait in line for the rear lavatories. Reports that Curry tried to breach the cockpit are untrue. The passenger had purchased a seat in the plane’s economy section.

“Alaska Airlines Flight 411 from JFK to LAX diverted to Kansas City yesterday afternoon due to a combative, unruly passenger onboard the aircraft, a Boeing 737-900. The passenger threatened crew members, and at one point threatened the safety of the aircraft,” a federal official said in a statement. “We have no indication from our crew that the passenger attempted to breach the flight deck. The threat was a verbal one to do harm to the plane.”

“He was swinging his arms and walking up and down the aisle. While waiting in line for the bathroom at the rear of the aircraft, he began swearing loudly around other passengers in line,” the statement continues.

Alaska Airlines released a statement confirming the incident. The flight was diverted to Kansas City where Curry was arrested and is facing a disturbing the peace charge.

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