Learning The Lingo

Traveling to other countries can be life changing, exciting, and educational for most people. Immersing yourself in another culture makes you a more well rounded person, a versed traveler, and is always a fullfilling priceless experience. In order to fully engage with people as you travel, it’s essential that you learn the language of your destination. I am not saying you need to be fluent in Mandarin, but it always helps to be more than familiar with the language. Speaking in the native tongue makes for a much more pleasant and authentic travel experience.

Here are 3 language learning methods and apps to help you navigate those Verbal waters:

  1. The Michel Thomas Method: Learn from the same language teacher who taught the likes of Sofia Loren, Mel Gibson, and Emma Thompson. These tapes are the same one’s used by NFL Quarterback Mark Sanchez, at the age of 23 to become fluent in Spanish to connect with his Hispanic fans. The proof is in the people who have used this very unique method. Unlike other courses with books and writing, the MTM is based on listening and speaking. The tapes are designed like a classroom where you actively participate – aloud- with other students. There are different levels and the intro alone with have you sailing through conversations in Latin speaking countries. The tapes come in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Greek, Japanese, Arabic, and Mandarin Chinese.

  2. Google Translate: This is for when you are actively traveling and are in need of a quick fix. You can easily access it on your phone for when you need vocabulary, or to ask quick questions while aboard. It will also help you understand what certain signs or instructions mean by simply typing it into the translator.
  3. Use it daily, before you go: The key to learning a language is using it! So make sure that every day you are using your new language skills to get familiar with using it. It will help when you are aboard so it doesn’t sound so foreign, and you also feel more comfortable communicating
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