Reporter Deion Broxton’s Reaction To These Approaching Bison Is Comedy!

Deion Broxton is the Internet hero will all need right now. The Montana reporter was filming from Yellowstone National Park on Wednesday when a herd of bison began encroaching on his personal space. Broxton appears to be a master at social distancing though because as the wildlife continues its push in his direction, he bolts for his car. First though, he drops a quote we could use in the Coronavirus era: “Oh no! I ain’t messing with you!”

Deion was reporting on the national park’s closure due to COVID-19. He posted his reaction of his encounter on Twitter which already has nearly nine million views in 24-hours. He also shared footage of the animals filmed from the safe comfort of his hatchback.

Deion has already gotten a shoutout from another legend, Deion Sanders. And of course Internet folk have been remixing the video, creating some funny spoofs in the process.

One last thing we truly appreciate about the raw video is how Deion made sure to grab all his gear, tripod and all, before jumping inside his whip. The Internet’s champion of the day works as a reporter for the local NBC affiliate in Wyoming.

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