Seven Countries To Visit If You Still Want To Travel Despite Coronavirus

Shuttering schools, businesses, arenas, stores, restaurants and societal norms, the Coronavirus is throwing our lives into a tailspin. In the midst of that chaos however, some optimistic travelers are making the most out of a stressful situation and vulnerable travel industry. Those risk-takers (who we are in no way co-signing) are taking advantage of record low airfares and cheap accommodations, to jump on empty planes and explore a tourist free world. So if that is you, if you are one of those people who doesn’t give a damn about the rules, or all the current restrictions that have been put in place. Please read on. Here is a list of seven countries to visit to during the world wide coronavirus pandemic.

We just want to repeat, traveling right now is risky as hell, especially to countries with high documented cases of Coronavirus. China, Italy, Spain, France and Germany are off the table for the foreseeable future. Same flavor with South Korea and now the United States.

So where does that leave? Well the countries listed below all have a ridiculously low number of documented Coronavirus cases. Of course we hope those cases are quarantined and any potential outbreak contained. But just in case, these are countries you might want to visit this year.

7. Mongolia

Mongolia borders China and could have, and should have been decimated by the Coronavirus, but the government of the country did something that the Trump administration didn’t, they took quick and sweeping action. Flights and travel from Korea, China and other places with high levels of Coronavirus cases were shutdown.Schools were shutdown, gatherings were outlawed and because of that the number of cases in the country have been held to the bare minimum. So yes, Mongolia is beautiful and from the capitol city of Ulaanbaatar to the incredible Gobi desert there is so much to see, but you may not get in right now, because Mongolia wants nothing to do with possibly infected foreigners.

6. Nepal

Nepal is the home to Mt Everest and each year hosts thousands of tourist who come to conquer the peak. It is truly a climbers paradise, but the government has shutdown all tourist visa’s to the country and all expeditions to the mountain. Once you can get back on the mountain or in the country, the breathtaking beauty of the land and its people are worth the trek. More importantly Nepal is more than just a mountain, you can go on safari or take in the sites of the capitol city, Kathmandu.

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