The Active Travelers Best Kept Secret

It’s called a vacation, because you put off all your real life priorities and throw caution to the wind. So if you are doing it right chances are you have eaten every carbohydrate in sight, licked the sugar off of every cupcake, and laid around with no intention of moving for hours…or even days. But as they say, it’s all fun and games until you come back 10lbs heavier!  Now I am not saying, don’t enjoy yourself for a few days, but if you are like me, the guilt will inevitably set in. I am no fitness model or even a super healthy vegan, I’m just a girl who likes to fit in her jeans when she gets back to reality…it makes the transition a little easier.

After trying to do it myself at the hotel gym, or taking the suggestion of completely unrealistic in room hotel work outs, I finally found the solution.

ENTER: THE SKYFIT APP. It is the active travelers best kept secret. Whether you are into running, strength training, yoga, cycling, and even meditation, this App has it all. Skyfit is a personal trainer, any time, any where.  So you get all the benefits of boutique fitness classes, of any level, on your phone. I also am not a fan of long work outs while you are on vacation. The idea is to get in, get it done, and be able to enjoy all your destination has to offer. Skyfit allows you to set the duration and intensity of your work out. Only got 25 minutes in the morning? No problem! There is a sprint work out waiting for you right in the palm of your hands. Need to destress before your business meeting? There is a 5 minute mediation ready to calm your nerves.

You can download it from the App Store, for a free trial – that’s what I suggest on your first vacay so you can see if you like it (guarentee you will), then it is 10 bucks after that. I have used it on every business trip I have taken this year, but I will be honest, I use the App at home, regularly throughout the week.


So go ahead enjoy the margs, the chips and salsa, the bread, the pasta and the wine… but as we all know, vacations don’t last forever… so don’t let that extra slice of deep dish pizza at 2am in New York City last longer on your waist than it has to.

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