Prince Harry’s New Black GF is a Travel “G”

Meghan Markle is everywhere these days because she is dating Prince Harry.  Pretty heady stuff for a girl who grew up in South Central Los Angeles.  No that wasn’t a typo, and just in case you need further proof, take a look at Meghan’s mama.
 Yep, that means Prince Harry is about to bring a girl from Crenshaw up in Buckingham Palace, magical! Meghan doesn’t hide her ethnicity and is very proud of both her black mother and her white father, she has no issues. The real question is will the Royal family have a problem with a woman who is divorced, older and bi-racial? Of course we love the relationship and think it continues to show that Harry and his brother William really are new millennium royals.
In case you didn’t know Meghan is an actress, but she is also an activist and a world class traveler. Check out her blog to get a peek at her adventures and some of the places around the globe she has visited.
She is also an advocate for the UN project, UN Women, which is a digital venture that is in place to meet the needs of women around the world. She is well rounded, smart and has lived in the spotlight, so she has all the criteria to make her a great choice. We just love that she travels, because there is no better education than hitting the road. Here’s to Meghan, a big fat ring and a royal wedding, because there will be one hell of a party on Crenshaw when that happens.

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