TravelCoterie And Gopher Want To Put Money Back In Your Pockets

Do you know what’s better than saving money when you book a hotel room? Saving money and getting cash back on that hotel stay! Well now that can happen every time you make a reservation. TravelCoterie is partnering with groundbreaking technology from Gopher and hotels worldwide to help you find the absolute best deals on hotel rooms. Plus it’s the only hotel rewards program that will put cash back in your pocket simply by using the free plug in.

Crazy right?

Here’s how Gopher works:

  1. Sign up and install the Gopher plugin in your web browser. You can download it here.
  2. Then search for a hotel room like you normally would. Vacation accommodations, a business trip, even a quick getaway, go to ANY travel site you normally use
  3. When you find your room, go to the booking page and let Gopher do the work. Gopher will issue an alert showing you the difference in price between booking with us or booking with the competitors.
  4. We guarantee a savings because Gopher works directly with hotels on securing the best rates for customers, putting the commission back into your pocket.
  5. If saving sounds like a good idea to you, simply click the “Send Me A Link To Get This Deal” button and you’ll get an email within 24-hours with a link to the cheaper booking. It’s that simple.


Sign up for Gopher here.

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