Fly To Scandinavia For Less Than $350

Flying from Los Angeles to Sweden is ridiculously inexpensive. In fact, it’s probably cheaper boarding a plane to Stockholm than San Francisco. One secret most travel vets know is that the cheapest way to hop the pond is by flying into Nordic capitals.

Those cities include Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo. Norwegian Airlines offers direct flights to all three for less than it would cost you to fly from New York to Miami. SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System) also flies LAX to Stockholm for reasonably cheap. And just so you know we’re not blowing smoke up your ass, here is Norwegian’s low fare calendar for the month of February. On it, you will see a number of flights into Copenhagen for $170 with returns going for the same price. Tickets to Stockholm are even less.

That means you can fly to Europe for $340 roundtrip. Now, of course there is a catch: everything is à la carte. This means checking a bag, reserving that window seat or a popping a Coke will cost you. BUT …. if you can fit the necessities into a carry-on, are indifferent to 32B or 12F and purchase a snack before boarding, you’re golden.

Most major European airlines offer multiple flights from the capital airports, so after landing in Oslo, switch planes and head to Barcelona or Lisbon if that you’re intended destination. A roundtrip ticket to the latter averages $1000, but by going through a Scandinavian capital, you’re looking at half that price. And of course, Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm are beautiful metropolitan cities worth spending time in.

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