These Are Copenhagen’s Coolest Hotels

Accommodations in Copenhagen can be sh*tful. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to per night prices and don’t even bother jonesing for amenities. The rooms for the most part are large … if you’re a solo traveling Smurf. Otherwise, you’re Kevin Hart in Vegas: f*cked. As a person that has been to the city nine times, I know a thing or five about the hotel scene. I’m not just piling on for giggles, these complaints are birthed from the heart. Still, there are some hotels concerned with customer comfort. Here are our favorites:


THANK YOU, LORD. This is my favorite hotel in all of Scandinavia right now, nudging Grand Hotel Stockholm down a peg. While not quite a prestigious, “Hotel of the World”, SP34 is all bang for your buck. This is a millennial’s wet dream: free wine (daily from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.), organic breakfast buffet, a private cinema, library, 10 kroner ($1.50) coffee and two restaurants. Furnished with Scandinavian design, wifi and ample lighting, the rooms are cozy. (Prices $97+)

Manon les Suites

If escape from Copenhagen’s overwhelming homogeny is needed, duck your head inside this brand new hotel. Manon les Suites is centered around a tropical pool, has a boxing ring in its fitness center and enough plants to get the most seasoned ecotourist off. This is a sustainable hotel after-all, and nothing is more hipster than sustainability … other than vintage cameras and avocado toast. There’s also a sauna and steam room for the post boxing workout and a rooftop terrace for the four months a year it’s not 40 degrees outside. Manon les Suites is located near some of the city’s main attractions and is a great option for someone looking for a more Ko Phi Phi stay in a Scandinavian country. (Prices $220+)

Hotel CPHLiving

Imagine the boost to your Instagram game after posting flicks from Denmark’s first floating hotel. Hotel CPHLiving is a family owned business “located at the quay” in Copenhagen’s city center (writer Googles quay). The ship likely has more passport stamps than some of your friends. Built in Germany, it was towed to Poland and Estonia where the rooms were completed before heading to Denmark. The hotel doesn’t pack quite as many amenities as the other hotels on this list, but it’s a friggin’ floating hotel! All rooms come equipped with the basic shiz: TV, wifi access, heated floors, and a hair dryer. They also all have panoramic views facing the habour and city center, which basically equates to strong selfies for the gram.  (Prices $225+)

71 Nyhavn Hotel

This warehouse turned hotel has been hosting visitors since 1971. Even more impressive is that the warehouse first opened in 1805 making your potential accommodations over two hundred years old. History aside, what makes this hotel worth your dollars is its historic art collection and prime location. 71 Nyhavn Hotel houses paintings by Asger Jorn, Jens Jørgen Thorsen, Bjørn Bjørnholt and Karel Appel, one of the greatest danish painters of all time. The hotel is located in arguably the most picturesque place in all of Denmark, Nyhavn. The postcards of Copenhagen highlighting colorful homes lining a canal full of sailing ships is Nyhavn. Rooms also include wooden beams older than you, so get your Peter Pan on and check it out. (Prices $225+)

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