Getting From Mexico City To Teotihuacán

No trip to Mexico City is final without a visit to the ancient Aztec city of Teotihuacán. Also known as the City of the Gods, the UNESCO World Heritage site is perhaps one of Mexico’s most photographed locations. Shout out social media influencers. Located 45-minutes from the city center, a day trip requires a bit of planning. There are multiple options for reaching the archaeological wonder: bus, taxi, ride sharing service, organized tour or driving yo got-damn-self. We’re breaking down the options for you:

BUS – $2.50+

One of the more adventurous options, buses to Teotihuacán leave from Mexico City about every half hour from two locations: Terminal del Norte (outside Autobuses del Norte Metro station, Line 5) or from outside the Potrero Metro station (Line 3). A one-way ticket will cost 50 pesos, about $2.50.

Tours – $20+

There are several full and half-day tours to Teotihuacán. These group tours usually stop by two other locations outside the city including Plaza de las Tres Culturas and the Basilica of Guadalupe. The only problem with organized tours is that you’re always on someone else’s schedule. This makes getting to site before or after the crowds have arrived impossible. But it is an economical way to see sights without the hassle of riding the bus.

Uber $22+

Likely a familiar means of transportation, this option should make most Americans happy. Uber operates in Mexico City and using the ride sharing service might be the best way to reach Teotihuacan. An uber from the city center ranges from about $22 to $35 depending on the time of day you’re traveling. If there are two, three or four of you in a group, that can be very economical.


We cannot find published rates for this information but always settle on a price with your taxi driver before getting inside the cab.

Car Rental

If you’re bold, you can rent a car and drive to Teotihuacán. We personally would recommend against this as driving in Mexico City is a nerve wrecking experience. Not to mention, you’ll have to pay a toll and for parking to reach Teotihuacán in a timely manner. There is an old road to the site that takes longer but does not require a toll but honestly, you’re better off using the other methods.

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