Before You Fly Home For The Holidays….

Whether you can’t wait to see mom and dad or are dreading being surrounded by your entire family, many of you will be flying home for the holidays.  There is an art to traveling and it’s all in the details.  Every savvy jetsetter has their own set of rituals that help them through the hectic security lines and into their seat.  It took years to get it right and these quick tips will make the journey home, the least stressful part of your trip.


It’s been a hard one to learn, but I have finally joined team “No Checked Bags”.  This was one of the most difficult things to stick by!  But once I realized that I didn’t have to arrive to the airport 45 minutes before my flight to check my bag, this was a game changer.

When  you’re traveling for business purposes, no one has time to wait the 10, 20, ummm is my bag ever coming out.  Time is money!

TSA Precheck

This is the holy grail of travel.  Lines at the security checkpoint can be unpredictable.  What I can predict, is that no matter what time of day you are flying, there will be a line.  Again, your time is precious and it shouldn’t be wasted waiting to go through.  Having TSA Precheck allows you to go in a separate line where you don’t have to remove your shoes and your laptop and liquids can stay in your carry on.  Totally worth the $85 bucks, especially if you travel several times a year.  You’ll be in the clear for 5 years and the process is easy.



You have to be strategic in what you choose to travel in.  Shoes that you can easily slip off are great for going through security checkpoints, especially if you haven’t taken advantage of TSA Precheck.  And socks are a must!  No one needs to be stepping barefoot through an area where hundreds of people are walking through.  You also want to make sure that you aren’t wearing clothing or accessories that will set off the body scanners.  Not only are you saving yourself time, but you won’t get eye rolls from the other frustrated passengers.  Layers are also great for your in-flight experience.  It tends to be on the warmer side before the plane takes off, but it’ll quickly cool down and you’ll want to have a hoodie ready to keep you warm.


If you don’t have the luxury of flying First class, making sure that you have a yummy meal and drink is vital to the flight experience.  I know food and drinks are ridiculously marked up at airports, but it’s better than having to pay for an over-priced stale turkey sandwich and constantly hitting the service button for your 4th ginger ale refill.  Remember, that TSA only allows you a certain amount of liquids, and you don’t want to have to dump out your backpack because you salad dressing tipped them off.  The convenience of swooping it up before you get to your gate will save you any additional disruptions at check point.


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