The Coronavirus Has Hit Africa The Numbers Are Surprising

The Coronavirus is beginning to spread throughout Africa, but not nearly at the rate as other countries. The contagion has claimed over 4,000 lives and infected over 114,029 people worldwide. The majority of those fatalities have occurred in China (75-percent) and Italy (463) but numbers elsewhere are growing by the minute. The respiratory disease is so bad in Northern Italy that the government has shuttered cinemas, theaters, concerts venues, sporting events, schools and universities.

Africa has weathered their share of outbreaks like Ebola which resulted in 11,310 deaths. Coronavirus infections throughout the continent were almost nonexistent, but things are changing for the worse. The spread of the virus on the content in many of the instances is due to contact with infected people from other regions. In Nigeria the two documented cases were attributed to an Italian tourist, who is now under quarantine. Cameroon, Nigeria, Morocco, Senegal, South Africa, Egypt and Tunisia all have confirmed cases. 

It is also interesting to note that there is a group of Nigerian students who are still stuck in Wuhan, China, the place that is believed to be the epicenter of the virus. According to CNN, around 50 students remain in the Chinese province and their pleas to the Nigerian government to be evacuated have been mostly ignored. For tips on avoiding infection, click here. And if you’re planning on commercial travel anytime soon, we’ve looked into what airlines are doing to keep you safe.

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