The Lay-Over Life Style: Denver


Denver Colorado, home of the beautiful Rocky Mountains, the World Champion Denver Broncos, and 300 hundred days of sunshine, making it an ideal vacation spot at any point in the year. BUT if you don’t have time to take a vacation…Just scheduling a lay over through the Denver International Airport can be worth the 4 hour adventure.
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DIA, is located pretty far outside Downtown Denver… Let’s put it in perspective… it’s a 35 minute Uber costing you about 36 dollars one way… not worth it when you’re ballin’ on a budget. But the most amazing method of travel just happens to go from DIA to  Downtown Union Station every 15 minutes. That’s right.. the 9 dollar RTD can get you Downtown in just 45 minutes. (not to mention you get to look out the window at that beautiful Colorado terrain) 
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So here’s what I did in just 4 hours to beat the airport lay-over blues: Landed in Denver at 9am from an early morning flight out of San Francisco.
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Walked down to the departures terminal to the RTD station and bought an all day ticket, for just 9 bucks. Hopped on the 10:15am train that took me to Union Station in the popular and ultra hip LODO neighborhood. I grabbed some brunch at SNOOZE, this delicious and adorable eatery right  inside Union Station. (Voted one of the best brunches in town!!) 
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Stopping at Union Station makes it incredibly easy to quickly see the down town sites: Coor’s Field, great book stores and boutiques. I was able to walk, shop, and explore for over an hour, before just hopping right back on that 1:30pm train. The RTD will drop you off right at Departures, and it’s through security you go!
So instead of sleeping on the dirty floor or throwing back glasses of wine alone in the airport, I was actually able to extend my vacation for an extra day! and who doesn’t love that! 
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