Levain Bakery Might Have The Best Cookies In New York

Few things in the world best a gooey, chocolate chip cookie. After seeing dozens of social media posts and articles about the famous Levain Bakery in New York City, I knew I had to get my cookie loving a** over there to try one of their decadent desserts. These cookies are so delicious that Oprah added them to her list of favorite things. And who needs Yelp when you have Oprah?!

So let me tell you about this one of a kind cookie. At first sight, you might think, “Hmmm, this looks like a scone.” And well, you’d be right because the it DOES look like a scone on the outside. But the real magic happens once you bite into the treat. When I did, the first thing I noticed were the soft chocolate chips melting in my mouth. The second thing I noticed is that this cookie was massive. And the third thing I appreciated was the moist and soft dough.

Now, with all this amazingness comes the challenge of getting your hands on one. Thankfully, there are several locations in NYC and Levain Bakery’s website broadcasts a cookie cam that lets spectators scope out the line ahead of time. When I arrived, I found a gathering going down the block. Still, I sucked it up and waited. The line moved relatively fast for such a tiny operation and I had mine within an hour.

Each cookie will set you back $4. Don’t feel guilty about the massive amounts of sugar and calories; it’s totally worth it, but ONE cookie is enough. You really don’t need to order a dozen of these things unless you plan on sharing or want to go into a diabetic coma. Not to ruin it for you, but My Fitness Pal estimates one of these treats at around 600 calories.

But remember, calories don’t count when you’re on vacation.


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