Eze: South of France’s Hidden Gem

We were in Monaco for work and were told about this amazing place just 30 minutes away that was worth the trek if we could make it. The day before we left, we made the trip to Eze and the drive there is just as spectacular as what you will find when you get there.  Originally a commune, Eze is a town, but a town in the magical sense. It’s like Game of Thrones meets your local Renaissance Festival with a little shopping  mixed in just to make it perfect. When you arrive at Eze you feel like you have just stepped back into the 16th century and at any moment a Dragon will come flying by or the Black Knight could be around the next corner. Take a cab or arrange a car if you are staying in Nice or Monaco and expect to spend the day shopping eating and enjoying the view from over 1400 feet above the ocean. A couple of tips, if you have the time, spend the night inside the village, and book a short stay at the Château de la Chèvre d’Or. It is a 5 Star property located inside the walls of the village and it is spectacular. It also comes with 5 Star prices so be prepared, but nothing is really cheap in the South of France. No matter what spend the day in Eze, come prepared because it cools off when the sun goes down, remember your high up in the Alps. One more tip, your close enough to Italy, that you could have dinner there, hang during the day on the beaches of France and spend the night in a castle in the clouds. Please, thats the stuff of dreams.
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