This Music Video Is Why I’m Going To Senegal!

I was recently in Paris, jet lagged and wide awake in the middle of the night, so as I tend to do when I can’t sleep, I turned on the TV. I started watching music video’s, French music videos, and got sucked in by Senegalese Trap Rapper MHD. Apparently he’s a big deal here in France… I had no idea who he was, but I loved his video A Kele N’ta. It’s shot in Dakar, Senegal and is all about his well wishes for a friend who is getting married. Mon ami a nkele n’ta—the chorus of the song directly translates to, “My friend has chosen only her,” and we follow MHD as he joins friends and family on the wedding day. The bridal party is dressed in a gorgeous blend of African prints and western clothes, also watch for the tributes to everyone from Tupac to fellow Senegalese musician Youssou N’dor (they happen quickly). Its festive, positive, the scenery is breathtaking and its full of beautiful black people. It literally put a massive smile on my face and had me searching out Senegalese food in Paris the next day (that was adventure for another post). But watching the video also made me want to go to Senegal TOMORROW.

After watching the video, I did some digging and the pictures of the vibrant city, the beach culture (the African Surfers), and the music scene, have me sold. Senegal is one of Africa’s more stable countries and has a bustling tourism industry. You can find everything from Luxury Beach resorts to Club Med or even accommodations for the traveler on a budget. The Travel Squire posted a great article about the country, and specifically Dakar. BTW If you have made the trip please share with the other members of the Coterie pictures and stories below in the comments. See you in Senegal, and make sure you join the Coterie!

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