Napa Valley Virgins

It’s the best idea that ever was: A Girls Trip to Napa. What could be better than getting a house full of your best girl gang for a weekend of sun, wine tasting, and everything else that goes into drinking waaaaaay too much.

img_7453. Here is your Napa Valley check list!

  1. Air BnB House:  Log on and find a place that is either in Calistoga or down the road in St. Helena. Staying at a house makes the trip not only more authentic, but gives you all plenty of space, and more importantly plenty of bath rooms…as women we know, that’s muy importante.

  2. Booking Flights: It’s crucial that no matter where in the country you are coming from you try your best to get in and depart around the same times. I love the Hopper App, it gives you multiple flights from different airports, and will give you the heads up on the best time to buy them, for the cheapest possible price.
  3. Car Rental: Keep in mind, whether you arrive at SFO or Oakland, you are still looking at a 90 minute drive up to Napa. Chip in, get the SUV and call it a day. All other airport shuttles to Napa will cost you TRIPLE that.
  4. Book your Tastings in Advance!: The reality is, you won’t be able to really hit more than 4 wineries, even if you tried. The key to getting into 3+ Tastings is to book an appointment in advance and  remember in Napa, the boozing starts early. Ideally you want your group out of the door before or around 11am.
  5. 5 Wineries worth putting on your list: Buehler Vineyards, Chateau Montelena, Domaine Carneros, Odette Estate, and Opus One.  *Each tasting will range from about $25.00 to $50.00 dollars if you feeling real fancy. So my best advice, bring cash. Make it easier on yourself and your group as a whole… you don’t wanna be THAT group of card splitters.
  6. Dress comfortably!: Sun dresses, jeans, WALKING SHOES!  This is not a fashion show. There are plenty of tours that we be longer walks and through lots of gravel driveways and paths… be prepared. Wine tasting can be quite the work out!
  7. Book a Van: It’s pretty obvious no one is driving…There are plenty of car services that will take you around to each winery. You don’t need a limo or a party bus (you can but why spend the extra cash) a 15 seat van will work just as well. There are also tons of places that will take you on set tours, and for a bit of a price you don’t have to do any of the planning, you just get right in and let the booze take you for an adventure!
  8. Pack plenty of Water: In the van, to sip in between winery visits. It’s going to make all the difference to whether or not you last all day or faded into the Merlot haze.
  9. Plan dinner in advance!!: Trust me on this…after a full day of wine tasting, and most likely minimal food, you are going to want to have that plan set! Whether it be reservations or take out on deck, make sure you plan ahead because there is nothing worst than group on drunken hot – hungry- girls.
  10. Sunglasses and Advil



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