What The Hell Is That And Why Am I Eating It?

One of the perks of visiting movie and TV sets around the world is… The Food. Look the stars are cool and the locations can be magical, but the food, sometimes, is just amazing. It depends on the caterers but usually, the bigger the production, the better your meal.  Hands down the winner in the TV world is NCIS. From Prime Rib to Sea Bass, Mark Harmon and the people on that show do things right. I always try to time my visits around lunch or dinner because it would be a damn shame if I missed one of their meals.

For the most part on all sets they try to give you healthy options but who wants to eat carrot sticks while the crew pounds lobster, so I almost always throw caution to the wind.
Well I just may have hit a new low during a set visit in Vancouver.

Meet the Bjorgum… The insane invention by a catering service in British Columbia.


What is a Bjorgum? Basically a heart attack on a stick. No sane person should eat this sandwich, so call me insane.

The sandwich consists of a massive pile of pastrami, heaped on a toasted pretzel roll, with provolone cheese and to make sure your arteries close a sweet helping of bacon.


Then smother the entire thing in Russian dressing and “ta-da”, you are a few bites away from passing out like you just swallowed a bottle of sleeping pills.


Wow I would love to write more but I can’t seem to keep my eye ope… Zzzzzzzzzz

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