Travel Coterie Photos Expose Refugee Crisis To The World

Travel Coterie founding partner Eric Berry went to Budapest to experience the culture, he had no idea that he would end up in the middle of a refugee crises. CNN has reposted several of the pictures Eric has taken of Iraqi and Syrian Refugee’s who have fled their war torn homelands in hopes of making it to Western Europe where they can begin a new life. Some have been on the move for more than a month and are in desperate straights. IMG_2719 cnnireportDesperate men, women and children are fleeing war-ravaged Syria or Iraq in often deadly voyages. Travel photographer Eric D. Berry (@thelifeoferic) spent hours with thousands of the refugees at the Keleti train station in Budapest, Hungary, on Thursday. He met this boy waiting at the station. “Everywhere you look there are families sleeping on cardboard boxes, in tents, fighting for food, praying and begging for help,” he said. “They simply want passage to Germany. A chance to start a new life. I don’t know what to do. How to help these people. So I took pictures. My hope is that some of you will see them and care.” See more images of the migrant crisis by clicking the link in our profile and tag your images #cnnireport. Here are more of the moving photos that Eric has taken that have captured the desperate situation for many of these people as they remain stuck in and around Keleti Train Station in Budapest, Hungary. KeletiStation-1-8 KeletiStation-1-12-2 KeletiStation-1-11 KeletiStation-1-10 KeletiStation-1-6 KeletiStation-1-5 KeletiStation-1-9 KeletiStation-1-4 KeletiStation-1-3 KeletiStation-1-3 copy KeletiStation-1-2 KeletiStation-1 copy KeletiStation-1-14 KeletiStation-1-2 copy KeletiStation-1 KeletiStation-1-13 IMG_4071 We will continue to post more of Eric’s pictures on Facebook and Instagram, so continue to check back with us.
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